Monthly Links – January

Happy February! Here’s a list of links to a variety of teaching and learning topics posted throughout the month of January. Read them all, read none, read one – whatever strikes your fancy!

Looking for contributors – if you come across something you think may be of value/interest to your colleagues over the next month, send the link to!

Last Chance to Support a Colleague!

The nomination window for the KCC Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year award is about to close. As fellow faculty you can offer a different perspective on what an instructor has to offer to complement the information provided by student nominations. Why not take a few minutes today to nominate a worthy colleague or two?

Nominate an Outstanding Professor!


Save Time and Heartache with UDOIT!

UDOIT is a free tool that you can use to easily find and correct common accessibility issues within your Canvas courses. With the click of a button, it will scan your course looking for appropriate use of things like:

  • headings in page structure
  • alternative text for images
  • table headers
  • color contrast

Not only will UDOIT identify errors and provide suggestions, it will allow you to view the item and make those changes without leaving the page!

For example, if UDOIT finds text without enough color contrast, it will provide you with other more appropriate colors to select from. Looking at the sample below, all you would do is click on the color you would like to change to, and hit Submit. UDOIT will make the changes on the Canvas page in question for you.

Sample UDOIT color adjustment field

Using this tool, you could quickly and easily make a significant amount of adjustments in just a few minutes, without ever leaving the UDOIT page.

There will be a short demonstration of UDOIT this coming Monday, January 30th from 2:15-2:45pm in D330. Swing by and check it out!

Did You Know…? Students Can Now View Attendance in Canvas

Students can view their attendance record if you use the Roll Call Attendance feature in Canvas!

To activate Roll Call, simply click on the Attendance tab in your course navigation (hint: if you have hidden that tab, you’ll need to bring it back). The first time you use it you will be asked to click Authorize. It will automatically generate an Assignment in your gradebook – students will then be able to access it like any other assignment.

Important Note: By default the Attendance assignment is worth 100 points. You can change the point value to anything you want – including zero – but you need to keep it published so students can view it. Be sure not to leave it at 100 if your syllabus doesn’t indicate you’ll be granting 100 points for attendance!

Once you’ve taken attendance using Roll Call for the first time, students will be able to view that assignment and click into it:

Student gradebook with Roll Call Attendance assignment highlightedThey will then see a nice little chart with a breakdown of late/absent/present days, a list of late/absent days, and their current Attendance percentage. The percentage will always display as zero if you set the assignment to zero points, like below:

Student view of attendance in Canvas

If you haven’t used Roll Call and would like to learn more, visit How do I take roll call using the Attendance tool?

If you do use Roll Call, make sure your students know they can look at it at any time (this will save you those “Was I absent on…?” type questions). You can even provide them with this handy guide: How do I view my Roll Call Attendance report as a student?

p.s. Don’t forget about the info session on Service Learning today at 3pm in the library!

Service Learning Info Session

Join us later this week to learn more about Service Learning and discuss how it could benefit faculty and students at KCC! The meeting is on Thursday, Jan 26th from 3-4pm in the library. Questions? Contact Karen Becker or Denise Caparula.


New for Spring!

Hopefully the craziness of the first week is beginning to settle down for you, and you’re finding your way back to a routine. If you didn’t have a chance to take the VERY SHORT (and anonymous) quiz on what’s new for spring, how about taking a few moments now to check what you know?

#TBT: Contributions Welcome!

We hope you have enjoyed the Throwback Thursday series! We end with this final throwback, from July 18, 2012:

Have you found a neat technology tool on the web that helps you do your job?  Do you have a tip or trick in Angel Canvas that you know others would use if only they knew?  Maybe you’ve recently attended a conference or read an article that inspired?

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It is my hope that this blog will be used as an informal channel for KCC Faculty to share topics related to instructional technology and professional development.  Even if nothing comes to mind now, Follow This Blog to see what others are offering!