#TBT: Move Your Total Column!

Continuing with Throwback Thursday, from September 7, 2015:

In honor of Labor Day, this week we’re going to show (or remind) you of a few labor-saving tips and tricks you can use in your Canvas gradebook.

Annoyed by always having to scroll through all of your assessments to view your students’ total grades in your gradebook? Today’s hint is that you can move the total column so that it remains permanently beside the students’ names!

1-Hover over the Total column in your gradebook to make the blue toggle arrow appear, and click on it.

Total Column dropdown menu


2-From the menu, select Move to front.


3-The Total column will now appear directly beside the student info columns, and will stay in place as you scroll through the screen!


Professional Development Plan (PDP) Due?

As you begin to draft your Professional Development Plans (PDPs) for the year, don’t forget that the Teaching & Learning Center offers several opportunities that can be included! Check out the list below, as well as the full descriptions included in the attachment.

TLC PDP Opportunities – Full Descriptions (PDF)

  • Canvas Challenge
  • Faculty Book Study
  • Faculty Development Modules
  • Faculty In-Service Presentations
  • Faculty Summer Institute
  • Growing Online Learning Conference
  • ION Master Online Teaching Certification courses
  • Online Peer Review Program
  • Teaching and Learning Conversations Facilitator
  • Teaching Squares

#TBT: Two NEW Handy Tips for Finalizing Your Canvas Courses

Continuing with Throwback Thursday, from January 8, 2015:

Now that you’re putting the final touches on your Canvas courses, there are two features that can help you make sure you are good to go!

#1: NEW IN CANVAS – Link Validator

You can now verify that all of your external links are working correctly! Start by clicking on your Settings tab in the left-hand course navigation, then select Validate Links in Content from the right-hand sidebar.


Click Start Link Validation.

Valid 3

The results will show you a list of your broken links by page – clicking on the name of the page will even take you directly there so that you can quickly find the errant link!

Valid 4

#2: (for online & hybrid sections only)  Incorrect Due Dates

You can quickly check to make sure you have updated all of your due dates utilizing Dropout Detective! Access Dropout Detective via the tab in the left-hand navigation, then click on any student’s name. If you have any number of Missing Assignments, that means you have due dates that have already passed and need to be corrected. Hint: If copying from spring to spring, the most common error is not changing the year!

missing assignments

Have a great weekend, we’ll see you next week!


#TBT: Be a REAL Person – Add a Profile Pic in Canvas

Happy almost end of the week! This semester we’ll be running a series of “Throwback Thursday (#TBT)” posts, highlighting some information we’ve provided in the past. We think this will be helpful if:

  • You are new to KCC, or to this blog
  • You missed the helpful hints/ideas the first time
  • You completely forgot some of the hints/ideas and reminders are awesome!

Our first one comes from 2/15/2015: Be a REAL Person – Add a Profile Pic in Canvas 

Profile pictures pop up all over Canvas, and not just on the “People” tab (your course roster). Your profile picture will appear in emails to students, comments on assignments, announcements, and discussion posts. If you don’t take the time to add your likeness to your profile, here is what all of your students will see again and again:


That’s about as impersonal as it gets! By taking a couple of minutes to complete the very short process of adding a profile picture, you have the opportunity to make yourself look like a real person to your students.

Let’s not get too real, though – bikini and Speedo® shots are best left outside of work!

Fall Courses in the New UI

Summer is flying by! (Please don’t shoot the messenger!) Your fall courses have been available since the beginning of the summer term, but just in case you’re not sure where to find them now that Canvas looks a little different, here’s where they’re hiding:

Click on the Courses tab in the left-hand navigation bar, then select the All Courses link.

all courses link

From there you can see all of your courses, and can again customize your list by highlighting or un-clicking the stars.

edit course list screen

Keep in mind your students may need to know this too. If you have any students on your Canvas roster who are claiming they don’t have access to your course (and you’ve made sure your course is published), they find their new courses the same way. Hint: you could even send them the link to this blog post!


Reminder: You Don’t Need to Re-Add Dropped Students Anymore!

Friendly reminder: We have enabled a new feature in Canvas that eliminates the need to add dropped students back to your roster! Dropped students will now remain on your roster labeled as “inactive.”

How will this work?

  • If a student is withdrawn or removed from an official course roster PRIOR to the official course start date, they are removed from the Canvas roster.
  • If a student is withdrawn or removed from an official course roster (for any reason) AFTER the official course start date, they remain on the Canvas roster as INACTIVE.

What does inactive state mean?

Inactive Students:

  • remain on the course roster (People tab) so that instructors can view prior activity in the course.
  • cannot participate in the course
  • cannot be assigned to groups
  • are included in roll call attendance reports
  • can appear in the Gradebook along with all grades – Click the Settings drop-down menu, then select the Show Inactive Enrollments link
  • do not continue to display in dropout detective

Help Resources

Retrieve Canvas Grades for Inactive Students (PDF)

Screencast Demo

May the Fourth Be With You…


May the Fourth be with you as you preview the new Canvas user interface with us today at 3pm in D327! Come check out the new look and customization features. Don’t be caught off guard when the change is made the week of May 16th!